Risico’s van de Forex Markt Supports Upcoming Knitting Event

Knitting Forums has started a collaboration with a new company called risico’s van de forex markt. This crypto-related business has offered us some financial support during our upcoming knitting event, called the Knitting Forest. The Knitting Forest is our most recent developed concept, based on an enchanted theme. During the event, knitters from all over the world will come together in order to socialize, knitting together and visit stands. The stands that will join this event are offering many different products and tools. If you are a knit lover, you should really pay this event a visit in order to learn more about knitting.

The crypto company risico’s van de forex markt will support us by financing furniture, rentals and decoration during the event. By supporting us, they would like to see some marketing activities in return. On the tickets of Knitting Forest you can find their logo, which we printed together with the flyers of the event. Also, Knitting Forum promotes the company on all of our social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. It’s not the first time that a company ask us to promote them online in order to receive financial support. It happened before with the online casino called Online Roulette. As a former worker at this online casino, I could have access to their marketing team in order to suggest the collaboration for the event. They agreed with the deal and the Knit-Knat event was born.

What to expect during the Knitting Forest event? First of all, the entire event is based on a magical forest, including all the props that comes along. Together with risico’s van de forex markt, we will make sure that you will be surrounded by an almost fairy-tale setting. During this event 20 different knitting companies will be displaying their products at their customized stands. There will be also many workshops available to participate. From beginners to advanced knitters; there is room for everyone during the Knitting Forest. At the end of the day, the event will be closed with a spectacular fashion show. The show will be based on knitting material and garments, which will be such an inspiring show for the audience. This will be the first themed event of Knitting Forum and I have to say, it is really scary and exciting at the same time. I’m sure that this event will attract many knit lovers, who are looking for a community to hang out with and share their passion with.

If you are interested in knowing more about this event, please take a look at the special developed event website of Knitting Forest. Event details can also be found on our Facebook page and other social media platforms. We are very excited about the collaboration with risico’s van de forex markt and in order to celebrate our teamwork, visitors can now pay they tickets with cryptocurrency. The company will also be present during the event, so if you are looking for ways to invest, having questions about Forex or would like to know more about currencies; please pay a visit to their customized stand during the Knitting Forest.