We’ve got a lot of great events and get-togethers for everyone to participate in. Whether you are a seasoned knitter or just a beginner, you should join us at one of our fun weekly get-togethers where we talk, complain, laugh, and drink lots of hot cocoa and eggnog. You can learn so much about knitting by attending one of these events, and the prizes are really great too.

Knit-knat: Knit-knat is a play on the words knick-knack. Sometimes we just get tired of knitting boring caps and one-colored scarfs. It drives us all mad and we just need to unleash our inner Knitasso. To keep all of our knitters sane, we came up with knit-knat. No longer something that has to be done in secret, we come en masse to the knitting club armed with knitting needles, yarn, and insane amounts of creativity. We don’t care if your design is wacky, adult-themed, or alcohol-induced. This is your place to let loose your creative demons and laugh about it with other like-minded fiber artists.

Knittime: Let’s face it, naps are for grownups. Kids have no idea how lucky they are that someone makes them take a nap. Whether you are a high-powered CEO or a hardworking granny (maybe both?) we all need naps. Naps restore your mood, help you problem solve, increase your overall happiness, and give you the energy you need to get through the rest of your day. We all have our nap-taking routines (crash on couch or slowly make your way into your soft bed after fluffing every pillow?), but we all love a good blankie. We created knittime to encourage more people to rest and restore themselves by giving them the space they needed to create a large blanket for napping. No kidding. We have even tried it out ourselves many times. And even a few lucky people have had their kids naptime routines changed for the better when they tried out the blankie themselves. No guarantees, though.