About our forum

I created this forum as a place where fellow knitters of all ages can get together, talk, share stories, advice, and projects. We know knitting can sometimes be a lonely and frustrating experience when there is no one around who understands the joy of knitting or how to cast on or off. We have created a gallery where people can show off their knitted marvels and we even have links to Pinterest, so you can link it to your own Pinterest board for inspiration. Each person will have an about page where they can also link to their website, and other forms of social media such as Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

The forums are divided into sections including Getting Started, Questions for the Experts, Brags, Questions about Sourcing Materials, Spinning and Making Yarn, Measurements/Swatches and other Rules, and Pattern Advice.

If there is enough demand, we might have an off-topic section too where people can just chat about anything on there mind and make random connections. Also, be sure to check out our events section. People can leave suggestions for possible future events and we’ll also post a calendar of all the events we have going on over the next few months.