About me

knittingHi, my name is Daisy Riggs, and I am a knitter. I remember my grandmother’s knitting back when I was a child. She made lovely sweaters, scarfs and hats for me that I still treasure to this very day. She taught me how to make lovely scarves, hats, sweaters and stuffed animals. I never realized what a talented knitter she was until I began knitting as a young mother myself. How I would have loved to talk with her about knitting then! Alas, when I started knitting, there was no one else I knew to share my love of knitting with, as my sweet Nana had passed away a few years before she got to meet my first child. I miss her so much.

As my baby grew and became more mobile and started grabbing my yarn and needles, I let go of knitting and started playing online casino like flashy casino slot machines and sitting at online roulette tables while my child was taking naps or to relax after a long day. I was quite good at it, and made quite a large amount of money. Once I was satisfied with how large my bank account was and saw that I was finally financially independent, I stopped playing and went back to knitting. Even though I had enjoyed the thrill of winning, it was great to get back to a more simple life, rocking in my chair and taking up knitting projects for my child and other friends who were also starting to have babies. Also, my friends loved my knitted gifts so much that they wanted to learn to knit, so I taught them as well. We still get together and have a lovely time at our knitting happy hours.